Peachchu's Art and Stuff

Just a hobby artist who likes to try animating stuff. c:
I make a lot of ocs, and I'm just super cringe with how I love them and silly stuff like that. c: I do a lot of canon x oc stuff.
A little warning, as I do horror. Although my style isn't exactly scary lol.
Commissions are closed, but art trades are always open!


My Social Medias and Stuff!

I don't use some as much, and the Discord linked leads to a wonderful Pokemon Server I'm part of! Feel free to join if you play pokemon, or just love it! I also am trying to host contests on there, including art contests for in game stuff and art! c:

My Art Discord is: Peachchu#9573

Art Examples

Single Character
Eye Styles are something I change constantly. The Gif examples are most current :) So the eyes in these might not be current!

Couples/Multiple Characters

Reference Sheet Examples

Simple Character Sheets

Complex Character Sheets

GIF Examples

Full Style

Chibi Lineless

Lineless Chibi


Body Gifs

Other Types of Art!

Sketches: Regular Sketches, Sketch Pages, and Retro Shoujo style! c:


Commissions and Art Trades

Commissions: CLOSED
Art Trades: OPEN

I have not priced my art as of now, which is why commissions are closed. c: If enough interest, I will very much look into it!

Dos and Don'ts

HumanoidsAnimals (Although they are Hello-Kitty-Like)HorrorCouples (Romantic or Platonic)Groups18+ (I mean, keep in mind my art style, but I can try?)PokemonOc x canon artSpecies of any sort (If I can't do it, I'll let you know!)

I may add more as I explore what I can and cannot do!

Hate ArtFetish ArtMuscles (I'm bad at it...)ElderlyBald characters or those with very short hair. My art looks terrible without hair lol.For lineless art, details can be very difficult. So I may have to simplify!